Using Augmented Reality in Comics

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As someone who has a degree in Information Systems, I often keep tabs on the technology sector for any new and interesting technologies that may be on the horizon. Thanks to the recent success of games like Pokemon Go, I’ve been interested in the type of technology Pokemon Go uses in the hope of integrating it with my art and comics, namely “Augmented Reality“.


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality” is a way of adding an additional layer of information to an existing object in real life, using technology such as smartphones to recognise real life objects using the phone’s camera. This is often done in real time, which can result in fascinating ways to add interaction to something that is static. For example, I’ve used it to add music, purchasing info and artist statements to art, and I’ve also used it to add work-in-progress and colour art to book 3 of “Fabled Kingdom“! This was all done using a company called “Zapworks“.

Watch several Youtube Video here for how I’ve added it to the art I sold at my art exhibition:

Why use it?

I’ll be using this technology to add some flair to the third volume of “Fabled Kingdom” (and eventually the first and second volume too), including things like reviews, work-in-progress art, additional character/location sketches, and background notes and information. My motivation for doing this is to add more value for my readers, for any of you who may be interested in more information about the world of “Fabled Kingdom“.


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I’m now on Chapter 19 (of 21) of “Fabled Kingdom” v3! Book 3 should be out in Jan/Feb 2017!


I’ve started experimenting with the watercolour function in Clip Studio Paint. I gotta upgrade my colouring skills, especially on the more portable tablets such as a Surface 3!

The Book That Made Me – 1st September 2016!

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The Book That Made Me: 1st September 2016 in Bookstores!



(I sell these at cons for $15 to donate royalties to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation)


This week I had a book launch for a new anthology I’m part of from Walker Books, called “The Book That Made Me.” It’s a collection of short stories from local authors talking about the book that turned them into a writer/artist, and I talked about how my Cousin Munn got my into manga.

The book is now available in bookstores, and all royalties from it will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation! If you’re interested in charitable causes, then please take a look!


More Photos from the Launch:





Breaking Through the 50% Psychological Barrier

Hi all! I’ve just finished Chapter 18 of “Fabled Kingdom,” thus successfully breaking through what I call the “50% Psychological Barrer”. I talk about it below, which is what I sent around on my mailing list. I want to start talking about my work process more to help other creators, so join my mailing list if you want the latest essays first.

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I just finished Chapter 18 (of21) of “Fabled Kingdom” today, folks. The chapter is all toned, and I’m currently proof-reading it before I send it off to my copy-editor Karen. I am feeling pretty stoked, because that means there’s only 3 chapters left before the end of “Fabled Kingdom” (the first self-contained arc anyway).

How time flies. It feels only like yesterday when I was celebrating finishing book 1. Now, book 3 is due in early 2017, probably February.

I don’t often speak about my work process as a comic artist, but passing the halfway mark is always the hardest point in any of the books I’ve ever done. As far as I know, it’s the most difficult thing for everyone, but especially difficult when you’re on book 3 of a trilogy.

The reasoning is simple. Book 3 of a trilogy is always the point where you have to gather all the stray plot threads of a story and start weaving them together. It’s a process that shouldn’t be done in a thoughtless manner, because you can very easily make a mistake. This is the point where – unless you’ve planned the story out from the beginning to the end – it becomes quite obvious when an author is just flailing around and has no idea how to take the story to its logical conclusion. When that happens, it can be cause for disappointment – I know I’ve been turned off an author when they prove unable to properly finish a story they’ve started.

I’m pleased so far with the progress of “Fabled Kingdom“. I can safely say I’ve wrapped up 85% of the story threads, with another 10% to go in the remaining chapters, while leaving 5% open for future books. To make sure things go smoothly, I even broke with tradition and got the first half of the book edited before I started chapter 18 – and I’m glad my editor loved it and is excited to read the next chapter. I consider this crucial in wrapping up a story in a satisfying manner.

There’s no easy way to break through that psychological barrier, the one that every writer will accost at some point in their journey in writing a story. Perseverance, experience and the willingness to mentally hurl yourself through that wall is the only thing that you can do. I haven’t done this since I last wrote “The Dreaming” back in 2007 (the last trilogy I wrote), but all those sleepless nights are a big payoff when you look at your work and you’re mostly satisfied with what you see.

Meanwhile, in the next installment, I’m going to talk about my new discovery: Augmented Reality Comics and Art Galleries!